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Meet the Unitherm Heating Systems Team

Meet the Team

At Unitherm Heating Systems we have a team with an extensive knowledge of renewable heating systems that is on hand to take any questions you may have. We like to put a face to a name, so here is the faces of the team below with our contact details:

Andy Hooper, Managing Director. Unitherm

Managing Director

Andy Hooper

07944 325037

Caspar Speakman, National Sales Manager. Unitherm

National Sales Manager

Caspar Speakman

07538 969703

Alastair Kay, Technical Manager. Unitherm

Technical Manager

Alastair Kay

07538 969704

Steve Rhodes Training Manager. Unitherm

Training Manager

Steve Rhodes

07538 969728

Geoff Harris, Senior Accounts Administrator. Unitherm

Senior Accounts Administrator

Geoff Harris

01392 979450

Gina Parsons, UFH Sales Manager. Unitherm

UFH Sales Manager

Gina Parsons

07508 891987

Gary Taylor, Senior Warehouse Supervisor. Unitherm

Senior Warehouse Supervisor

Gary Taylor

01392 979450

Alex Hooper, Warehouse Assistant. Unitherm

Warehouse Assistant

Alex Hooper

01392 979450