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Trade Customer? Sign up here
Trade Customer? Sign up here

Application for Credit Facilities

To open a trade account with Untiherm Heating Systems, please complete the form below and we will confirm terms by return.

Trade References

Credit Limit Required £

30 days nett

Credit facilities are subject to the Conditions of Sale as attached which I have read and agreed to.

Guarantee: In consideration of your supplying goods and giving credit to the above applicant, I/We do hereby jointly and severally guarantee to you the payment of all monies at any time due to you in respect of such goods and hereby agree to make good any default by the said person/company in the payment of the amount due for such goods.

I/We further agree that this guarantee is to be a continuing guarantee and that no variation of the terms of credit or time for payment or other indulgence, which you may think proper to give, shall impair or discharge my/our liability hereunder.

I/We reserve the right by two months’ notice in writing to Unitherm UK Ltd (by registered post) to revoke this guarantee as to all future dealings with you and the above.

Please read our Conditions of Sale prior to applying for credit facilites.