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Vaillant Heat Pumps

As a name synonymous with manufacturing quality heating products, Vaillant have launched their aroTHERM plus range of air to water heat pumps.

Vaillant heat pumps are a reliable and efficient way to heat your home. The aroTHERM plus range of air to water heat pumps from Vaillant is designed to provide an economical and eco-friendly solution for heating your home.

These heat pumps use the ambient air temperature outside to extract energy, which is then used to heat water inside your home. This process is more efficient than a traditional boiler.

Using a natural refrigerant in R290, this gives a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating of only 3. When you consider that other heat pumps on the market using refrigerants such as R410a which has a GWP of 2,088, it is clear that the aroTHERM plus range is much kinder to our planet.

There are a number of other features with the aroTHERM plus range such as the flow temperature can reach up to 75°C. This helps with the production of hot water without the need for an immersion heater for protection against legionella, making the system more efficient.

As this is a range of monobloc units, there is no F-Gas requirement meaning that installation can be carried out by a plumbing and heating contractor with hydraulic and boiler installation experience.

Vaillant also have a range of hot water cylinders to compliment the operation of the aroTHERM plus heat pump and together with a range of accessories available through Unitherm a full system package is supplied.

Extended warranties are available through Unitherm, please contact us to discuss.



Vaillant aroTHERM Brochure
Vaillant aroTHERM spec sheet

Brochures, manuals and technical information can be found in Unitherm’s Resources area of the website. Just register for full access

Advantages of Vaillant air source heat pumps

  • Increased capability for hot water demand
  • Helps to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Eligible for government incentives, such as Domestic RHI
  • Flexibility with both indoor & outdoor units available
  • Energy efficient
  • Low noise levels
  • App controlled (when installed with VR 900 or sensoNET control)

Are Vaillant heat pumps reliable?

Vaillant air source heat pumps are renowned for their reliability and have been designed to provide efficient and reliable performance with low maintenance requirements.

The aroTHERM plus range is no exception, featuring advanced technology, such as the use of natural refrigerants, which ensures that the system is kinder to the environment.

Are Vaillant's heat pumps energy-efficient?

Vaillant's heat pumps are designed to be highly energy-efficient, making them an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their energy bills. The aroTHERM plus range features advanced technology such as the use of natural refrigerants, which helps to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

Additionally, the system is capable of reaching flow temperatures up to 75°C, producing hot water without the need for an immersion heater, making it even more efficient.